Monday, January 9, 2012

Literacy in India

                                Literacy in India

 When we talk about the success of a country we take human resource into regard. In that case we should not keep aside the importance of education which leads to further growth.Develpoment in educational attainment itself indicates increase in literacy level. Literacy must be viewed in the context of its immense potential for bringing about transformation in the quality of human life.
11th 5year plan has also targeted to increase the literacy rate of children of 7years and above to 85%. With the coming of census 2011 we may notice that the literacy rate of India has risen to 74.04%. Figures for male and female are 82.14% and 65.46% respectively which clearly states that female literacy has increased since last census.
When we portray the literacy picture of India we may notice that Kerala continues to top the list, while Bihar which has shown some progress this time is till below the national average. States like Punjab, Haryana, Madhya .Pradesh, Andhra .Pradesh., were downgraded from their previous rank wheres  Tripura , Sikkim and Nagaland have shown higher rankings than before.
The main reason behind this achievement is the different initiatives taken by the Government of India like National Adult Education Programme, National Literacy Mission., Operation Blackboard etc. The Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, a flagship programme of Govt of India was started for achievement of universilization of elementary education in a time bound manner. India has made history by making free and compulsory education to children of ages 6-14 as a fundamental right.
Inspite of these efforts we are still lagging behind the world literacy radte of 84 percent. Bihar is still lying below the national average.But the stride toward complete literate India has become surer and more confident. It is clear that the individual and the community need to play active roles as stakeholders in this process and their role needs to be recognized.

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